Upcoming Events


Planning is underway for our  Spring Renewal usually held over the October Long Weekend, as well as our 2022 Autumn Retreat which will be held in the Adelaide Hills in early May.

Watch this space for more information about these and other future events.

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Central Coast Gatherings in July, 2021

Dear Dancers of Peace,


you are invited to a series of gatherings on the Central Coast of NSW. 

Raiminda and Anna Sophia ( Dances of Universal Peace Leaders) will be sharing the following events;


Sunday 18th July 3-5pm  Anna Sophia and Raimunda plan to do the regular monthly Dance Circle at Raimunda's  introducing the  Aramaic Lord's Cycle and Mary Magdalene Dances.


Sunday 25th July 2-5pm Anna Sophia and Raimunda will do the  Aramaic Lord's Prayer Cycle with explanations and afternoon tea at Raimunda's .

Please contact Raimunda and Anna Sophia  at  raimundae@hotmail.com and anna.sophiawisdom@gmail.com for enquiries.



Also they will be offering the Dances of Universal Peace as a part of a retreat


The Self Love Retreat  is being held  from 20th-23rd July. Raimunda and Anna Sophia  will be offering sessions both days related to the Aramaic Lord's Prayer, Beatitudes, our connection to God/ Sacred Unity as Breath etc.

Folk can come for a day or two of they wish.  Flyer is attached. 


Sue Collins has organised this event and is the contact person for this event she has danced the Dances of Peace and experienced the Aramaic work see flyer for the details. 


May you be able to take the opportunity to be there!


How fortunate we are to be able to gather together and dance again and experience these wonderful teachings .


Ya Fattah!


Amrita ( secretary DUPA)

Please also note that - it is possible to attend the retreat for 1 or 2 days see option below


Self Love Retreat ONE Day attendance now available!


Wednesday 21st

Yin Yoga - Meditation - Universal Dances of Peace - Premananda Kirtan - $160 includes Lunch - lunch , afternoon tea, and dinner




Thursday 22nd

Yin Yoga - Universal Dances of Peace - Drumbala - Premananda Kirtan - $160 includes lunch, afternoon tea and dinner