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Past Events & Retreats
  • Writer's pictureZebunissa Anna Parker

The Caravan of Love, Rosebank, NSW

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

In February this year about 25 Dancers came together for “The Caravan of Love” , with our visiting Dance Leader Narayan’s held at Rosebank NSW. We had a wonderful experience of many dances, some of which were Narayans, originals that took us deeper into the Advaita teachings of non-duality and the quintessential question “Who am I?” We explored breath practices and also deepened our Dance experience with breath and concentration practices….deeply connecting us to the Source of All, as well as to the joy of life. Narayans musicianship, creativity, humour and leadership was superb…

Noorunissa Anna – 28 March 2014


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