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Tassie Winter Retreat 2017

Updated: May 18, 2021

Andrew and I had an awesome time with  at this year’s Winter Tassie retreat. We were so touched by the attendees  warmth, hospitality and fun loving nature soaked with deep reverence  for all of life. We loved everything Tassie had to offer, and did not mind the cold. Actually I felt a bit ripped off one back in Byron as I felt winter had disappeared and our opportunity for hibernation had been missed. I loved the long sunrises and sunsets that lasted over an hour, and the crisp invigorating air. Our time was blessed with sunny  weather, where it was raining here for 2 weeks in Byron.


Amina Nicola has done a wonderful job over the years as a dedicated  Dance leader, superb musician and builder of  community around the message of love, harmony and beauty. At the retreat Darvis added to the flavour with his exceptional musical abilities along with  Andrew stirring  his indelible signature to the pot. Which brings me to our cooks Mark and Marguerite who sustained us with the most delicious wholesome  fresh food.. .What a treasure. Tassie gives one a very grounded nurturing feeling.


On the creative side, Alison engaged us in a group zen doodle mandala which she presented in gratitude to Amina . We also l had a beautiful healing service for the earth, complete with didgeridoo and the formation of  a human mandala .There were many wonderful moments including soulfull zikrs, and the soul pods that gathered to represent the animals they felt aligned with, as part of exploring nature in it’s diverse mystical forms. The intent was to enter into the consciousness of the particular animal and see what they had t teach us. We explored the theme of nature meditations, the cream of Hazrat Inayat Khan’s teachings, and how to get into the mystics perspective on the natural landscape, animal and human nature, and divine nature,


Next year Tasmania is hosting  Allaudin’s for the winter retreat . I  look  forward to seeing other Tassie Dance Leaders blossoming in their own right, like Chando and Mieke.. .


Facebook is growing for us. DOUPA Tasmania has it’s own facebook page created by Doro and we already have  Dances of Universal Peace Australia and one for Sydney,

love Zebunissa.



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