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Past Events & Retreats
  • Writer's pictureZebunissa Anna Parker

Mana Retreat, New Zealand, Jan 2016

Updated: May 23, 2021

“Love of the world is the rehearsal before the performance, which is the love of God, the inner being” Hazrat Inayat Khan

“Thought is the white bread at the feast. The heart must be empty and receptive to truth and the mind quieted in order to surrender”

Everything you see arises from the unseen, the within. Where is the within of things? What is the within of things?

We are here as Dance leaders and dancers to serve the truth of the sacred phrase. Murshid Sam says the dances are a means of awakening from the separate self, and we must ask is the sacred phrase opening people up.

Do we love ourselves and the World completely?

Rumi says “love is reckless, it gambles away every gift God bestows”. As long as there is a me and you, love has not fully flowered. Be carried by the undertow.” Contemplate “You are the only source of love”.

Everything is your guru that conspires to wake you up. This journey requires unlearning and humility, letting go and surrender: seeing the truth that we are not the mind, body, or emotions. Be willing to question what is there and be willing to be in the unknown, be a witness to the space arising. Feel what is awake in you in this moment. Cease everything else.

Munir gave excellent sessions and tips on dance leadership , saying that we are all students for life. There is no limit to this work. The leader becomes a living exponent of awakening. The Dances don’t belong to anyone, they are a part of the gene pool. He said that if you are not leading the repertoire, you are not honouring the stream of inspiration.

We were all truly inspired as Munir with his great musicianship led us on this journey of awakening through the old territory and to the new, with many wonderful dances and a deeper understanding of our own processes and what it means to surrender, and to be alive and awake in the real. Zebunissa


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